Media Monday

  • What is it about fairy tales that makes them timeless? Katherine Reay muses on that question here.
  • And speaking of fairy tales, here’s the latest “Fairy Tales for Twenty-Somethings” illustration.
  • I’m not a huge fan of 50 Shades of Grey, but, I am a fan of Jamie Dornan *swoon.*  Whether you’re a 50 Shades addict, a Jamie Dornan lover, or a hater of both those things, here’s a look from Heroes and Heartbreaks at the first poster for the movie.
  • Lately, I’ve been burnt out on erotica/erotic romance and have been re-visiting my love for historicals.  Tessa Dare has quickly become one of my favorite historical authors; she consistently writes romantic, engaging, and lovely stories.  Her latest book and the first in a new series, Romancing the Duke is coming out in two days!
  • Since I’m a college student, it’s only appropriate that I try to marry academia and romance. Thankfully, others do it for me! Maria Nilson has recently published an interesting article discussing sex, power, and the romance novel.
  • Life of a Dude in Publishing is one of the best publishing blogs out there and this particular gif is so perfect, especially after my internship at Penguin this past semester.
  • I am a huge Harlequin fan and I am also frequently broke, so the Harlequin Extras, completely free stories on their website, is pretty much my favorite thing ever.
  • And for those others whose pockets seem to be perpetually empty, Tempt Me at Twilight, the third book of the Hathaway series by Lisa Kleypas is now $3.99 at most e-booksellers.

Marvelous Martin Luther King Jr. Media Monday

I’m back at school and starting the new semester off with a barrage of links. Get ready…for the boom! Or at least a lot of book-related links.

  • Avon Romance is having an awesome e-book sale of their “ducal” reads until the end of January.  Lord knows, there’s enough dukes in historicals to go around.
  • And speaking of e-book sales– and because I’m the cheapest person ever. Seriously, ask anyone who has met me– Barnes and Noble has a huge list of e-books that are under $5.  Strongly urge you to check it out, if you have a Nook like me. Your wallet will pour blessings on your head.
  • For all of you who don’t have Nooks, or even those who do, has an amazing selection of romance e-books that are heavily marked down.
  • USA Today’s Romance blog, Happy Ever After, is publishing a series of posts about Romance and the Modern Woman. I highly recommend you go check it out. Here’s the link to part one of the series.
  • Even though the holidays are over, birthdays are still coming and Valentine’s Day isn’t that far off (scary thought!). Here’s an incredible list of gifts for those book-peeps in your life.
  • While you’re shopping, you could also pick up these fun bookends. I love the tentacles!
  • These vintage library adverts are so fun and creative. Why don’t we advertise for libraries anymore?  They sure could use it, sadly.
  • I saw this great article about using Pinterest as literary inspiration and it reminded me of a discussion I had this summer at my first internship. Social media has exploded like primordial ooze,  but do we all need to be active on every single site? What do you guys think? I admit, I’m on Pinterest all the time.
  • When I read this article about category romance, I was like “Wait, did I write this article in my sleep?” I’ve had the exact same attitude toward category for a long time and I’m only recently starting to recognize my own prejudice. Has this happened to you all?
  • I HATE working out, but maybe this hilarious work-out regimen from Smart Bitches will help me get in shape!
  • For all my regency fans, Susanna Ives posted this great piece about the real Almack’s a while back. I just “visited” the old site in London and my imagination was running wild!
  • Continuing in that same vein, Regency Errata wrote this informative and enjoyable post about hotels and dining out. I found it especially fitting considering I just got through  living in a hostel for the past 8 days lol!
  • If you’ve never listened to the DBSA (Dear Bitches, Smart Authors) Podcast yet, stop what you’re doing right now and listen .  Jane from Dear Author and Sarah from Smart Bitches are hysterical and always give me new authors and books to try out.
  • The newest cartoon from Fairy Tale for Twenty-Somethings: The awkward frog prince
  • The Sundance Film Festival started last Thursday and is going on until next Sunday. Ever the hipster, James Franco produced the film, Kink, about the BDSM lifestyle and pornography, which debuted on Saturday.  Do you want to see this? What do you think of the recent explosion of BDSM in erotic romance and erotica?
  • One last link in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Thanks for fighting for equality and giving me a day off, best gifts I could ever ask for!

Deflowering the Hoyden

Let the adventure begin! And no, the title does not refer to me.  I guess in the virgin post I’ll set out why I’m starting this blog and what I plan to do with it, and how I’m going to take over the world by the time I’m 24. Well, everything but that last part…maybe…

For a number of years, which makes me sound much older than I am, I’ve been thinking about starting a book blog. I love following other people’s blogs and I always rely on them to help me out when I’m searching for a new read or author or when I want to read an oldie and see past reviews.  So, this has been rolling around my be-ribboned head for a while now.  It wasn’t until this past winter break, when I was compiling an exhaustive recommended author list for a friend and went ridiculously overboard, that I realized I wanted to start the blog, now.  Maybe I’ll put the list up at some point.

In this blog, I want to talk about romance novels and maybe the occasional YA and Women’s Fiction, review books, and communicate with book lovers everywhere, all with, I hope, a bit of humor. As the tagline states, I’m kind of a wild child so fun is a necessary requirement for anything I’m involved in. I also wanted to start the blog because a lot of the romance book blogs out there, which I love, aren’t written by many 20-somethings.

I plan on updating the blog weekly, hopefully 3-4 times a week, depending on how bat-crap crazy I am (which is very, believe me).  The plan is to review at least two books a week, as well as report on the internship.

Now for the books.  Obviously romance is my favorite genre.  I’m a huge sucker for Historicals and Contemporaries.  I don’t read that much Paranormal or Romantic Suspense but I’m trying to widen my frame of reference. We’ll see how that goes.

And now, Hoydens and Hair Bows!